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View Health provides dignified, supportive, health care to our patients who may otherwise may not receive it. Our health care approach will support a person’s emotional, physical and spiritual health enabling them to live out God’s purpose in their lives.
View Health believes that one day every person in our community can access health care from us as they may need. As we begin our roll out and growth there are criteria that you would need to fulfil to be seen at View Health.

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Requirements for patients:
Priority booking is given to members of any View Church Location who are in a View Group. 

How to book:
Click below to find our available appointments online. Alternatively contact our team on 021 891 1245 to arrange an appointment.

The cost for all appointments and medication dispensed at View Health is R100, made payable as cash or on card.

View Health is located at our Tableview location; 3 Wood Drive, Tableview, 7441

View Justice Health Clinic
View Justice Health Project


Our Health Centre gives high quality heath care at a minimal cost to the patient. You can donate to our health centre enabling us to stock, resource and ensure that our patients receive the best care.

Medical stock and supplies donations are most welcome. Contact our team on 021 891 1245 regarding the stock and a drop off date can be scheduled.


Stand with us in prayer; our God cares about all people and we trust Him that He can bring about supernatural release for people. Pray for those in our community and a part of the View Justice project that their bodies are healed, whole and physically well.

View Justice a doctor doing a script
View Justice Doctor Measuring Blood Pressure


Our health centre requires medical personnel who can care for our patients as a volunteer. 

If you are a nurse, doctor, dietician, psychiatrist or medical practitioner and have time available to donate to our community then get in touch below.


Our greatest healer and support is Jesus and so we would always suggest to everyone in pain to find a life giving church; View Church has three locations across Cape Town to join.

Should people need a dignified health care provider they can book online.

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